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Easy CGI looks simple, and appear to do an excellent occupation of speaking this. It’s wonderful to deal with a web host recognizing they aren’t endeavoring to rip you off.

Its information to refer for their homepage for latest pricing, plus the Unique discount which you can get. When you find yourself obtaining the Specific discount, you will see “special promo” such as screenshot higher than.

Serioulsy, we were being about to lunch our business enterprise web site with this host but it surely would have been a disaster. The several hours spent With all the complex aid created me loose lots of time (funds).

EasyCGI is easily the most unreliable host right after CIHost. We host numerous domains, rely on them for our email dealing with and We have now a VPS server. A couple of times before their un-orthodox and surely unconventional move we applied for 3 more VPS Servers worth another US$ 4,000 per annum. They completely mismanaged their go which resulted inside a thirteen times horror-Motion picture for just about any webmaster/systemadmin. Each week back (beginning of November) our server was back again on line but all at once, apology or refund. Their aid deleted many of the background logged, and prior for their move (several several hours) EASYCGI posted new terms of use essentially telling you that you've got shed all legal rights for your knowledge and which they have no obligation to help keep our services operating.

Easy CGI fingers-on Net host by a Clickfire reviewer. Get The essential scoop on Easy CGI as well as the view from a tester who logs in and checks the functions and help.

This was a few week back. Position: ticket open – no response. I happen to be updating all Those people assist-tickets each day – shouting at them to close the account – mentioning which i will refuse to pay For extra days they maintain my account open, but all to no avail. I've contacted billing by cellphone and they're less than the idea that i'm not for a longer time a client. Many of the internet sites remain Stay and somehow they don’t know how to remove our containers and private accounts. This organization has fallen from the good ranked company into the No 1 of incompetent and ignornant Group in Hi-Tech Historical past!

Despite having the arrival of additional Sophisticated network systems including the X-Online, CGI still powers many of the interactive features uncovered on Internet sites.

Provide good in the direction of new item buys only and can't be employed on item renewals. Can not be used at the side of almost every other offer, sale, lower price or marketing. After the Original purchase time period, discounted merchandise will renew on the then-current renewal listing rate.

I was a VERY Pleased consumer of Webstrike Options, until easycgi acquired them, oh what a awful mess its been due to the fact. I'm Nearly total with my transition to hostgator, who happen to be fantastic.

EasyCGI strives to provide the best assistance inside the market by preserving its staff members experienced in the latest modifications in Internet technologies and focusing on brief assistance so that you can give attention to additional important goods like increase your web site.

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